Why Cats Bite When They Touch?


There are many words we can use to describe cats; Olmaz left to right belli may be the most appropriate. In today’s article we will try to answer the question why cats bite .


Cats are natural predators


There are several reasons why our furry friends touch us when they touch. To understand these reasons, we must first understand the nature of the cat . First, cats are innate predators; hunting, tracing and capturing.


Kittens learn hunting tactics while playing with each other . If you do not use toys while playing games with a cat after leaving their mother and siblings, they will most likely try to “hunt” your hands or feet.


You should know that cats can also bite to show their love. They may want to take your hand in response to the love they receive from you. However, they usually do not use their teeth when they bite your hand for this purpose.



There are many answers to the question why cats touch when they touch. In this article, we will give some information so that you don’t get hurt when you love your cat or play with it .


parmak ısıran kedi


Learn to read your cat’s mood


If you pay attention to your cat’s behavior , you may notice them saying, “I don’t want to be loved anymore!” Even if your cat wishes to be loved, can bite you to tell you that he doesn’t want to be touched if he gets bored after a while.


He can push your hand out of the bite or move towards you with his paw. You will not get hurt because they usually do this kind of movement. If you don’t want your cat to bite you with body language try to understand what he is saying to you . Keep an eye out for the following behaviors:



  • He puts his ears back

  • Swinging his tail quickly left and right

  • Trying to escape while you touch


Loving your cat


In addition to the unpredictable nature of cats, we must remember that all cats are different from each other. Each animal has its own character . Therefore, not every cat likes to be loved in the same way or in the same place. One can hate what the other loves.


There are cats that will be very happy if they are loved every day from morning to evening, as well as cats that prefer to be loved very little. In order to get along well with your cat, you need to learn the likes and dislikes . Most importantly, don’t try to like it if it doesn’t.


kediler neden ısırır


It is not often that a cat will withdraw itself when loving cheeks or under the chin . You can also love the cat’s back. But not every cat likes bellies.


Through trial and error you can find the right one for your cat. You may have to risk hurting several times in this process, in which you identify areas where your cat allows and does not allow you to touch.


Other reasons for bites of cats


Our cats and our relationship with them are not perfect. Occasionally, they may react harshly and try to bite or scratch you . In general, they react because they feel threatened and scared . In addition, if your cat is sick or hurts, it will still not react well to being loved.


If you don’t want your cat to hurt you, in such cases it is best to stay away. Wait for your cat to calm down before trying to touch it again.


If your cat bites you constantly, except under normal circumstances, you may need to consult your veterinarian . Your cat may not have been properly socialized from her offspring or may have suffered a trauma in her past.









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