Why Cats Don't Like Cold?


Cats do not like cold because they are easily susceptible to cold and become ill. For example, cats spend time in the hottest places of the house during the winter months. So you have to take some precautions to make sure your lovely friend is comfortable and warm enough.


By keeping your cat warm you will also prevent diseases. As a pet owner, you should make sure that you take the necessary precautions to keep your cat’s body temperature constant. No matter the length of the hair or breed, all cats are affected by heat and require more attention and care in cold weather.


Balanced nutrition


Cats should have an age-controlled, controlled diet. You should supplement your cat’s meals, especially in winter. We advise you to be more careful if your cat goes out even though he doesn’t like the cold weather.


In winter you must feed your cat more than you normally feed; should provide him with vitamins he needs for development. Your cat will meet the energy needs of the right foods, providing the basic nutrients he needs to cope with the cold.


kafasını battaniyelerin arasından çıkaran kediler soğuktan hoşlanmaz


Well-balanced room temperature


As long as you keep the temperature of your home at a suitable value, your cat will not get sick easily. Your cat will explore different locations within the house until you find the place you like the most. To help him do that, just let the sun go through the window and leave a carpet or rug in that area. You will really like this cat.


In addition, try to prevent cold air from entering your home. You should take care of your cat as if you were taking care of a baby. It is also possible to bring your cat’s bed closer to the heat source.


If your cat does not like the cold, make sure it is covered well


When you dress your pet , we are sure that it will be very stylish. We are not only approaching from an aesthetic point of view, you will also provide it with a constant temperature. The clothes are ideal for cats who like to spend time outside.


The hair of some cat species may be thinner or lesser. Therefore, unlike cats with long and very long hairs, such cats are less susceptible to cold. If you have a cat like this, it should be your priority to give it a layer of protection when it gets cold. Otherwise, your cat may feel cold, tired, or depressed.


Heated bearings


If your cat doesn’t like cold, give her a warm place to curl up. It is possible to find warmed cat beds on the market, and even have different options. With this product, your cat can maintain a constant body temperature and thus sleep well.


While these bearings are completely safe, we recommend laying blankets on the mattress to prevent possible burns. The temperature of the bed may accidentally increase, resulting in injury to your cat. The shape of the bed depends entirely on your cat’s sense of comfort; Whatever the most comfortable option for your cat, we recommend that you turn to it.

 Alternatives for hot beds

Cats choose their own places to relax. So you can prepare a special bed for it from recyclable material. So when your cat gets cold, he finds a space to escape.


Cardboard boxes that you are thinking of throwing away because it doesn’t help can help you with that. Cardboard boxes are ideal for cats who don’t like cold. Depending on the size of your cat, you may have to shrink the carton in your hand.


Which cats are more affected by the cold?


sarı kedi yatağında uyuyor


Some cats are less resistant to cold-borne diseases.

 Cats older than 7 years of age or sick

The immune system of older cats is weak, just like humans. Some older cats may not have any physical activity or may have different problems. Arthritis or other aging-related diseases make their bodies vulnerable.


The kittens


It’s not just about age, cats don’t like cold at all. Kittens immune system is not yet fully developed. Therefore, you should be more careful when it comes to kittens. If you want to raise a healthy cat, you need to adopt a healthy diet suitable for your cat and take precautions to protect it from the cold.


Taking good care of your cat doesn’t mean you can’t go out with it


If your cat doesn’t like cold, you should do your best to help him cope with the cold. But that doesn’t mean you can’t walk or exercise with your cat anymore. Outdoor activities are vital to the health of your pet. So you can continue your daily routines and habits as long as you protect your cat from the cold.









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