Why do dogs become aggressive?


In fact, all animals have aggressive instincts. It would be unfair to accuse only certain breeds of dog with aggression. However, it is true that there are some breeds that are notorious for being aggressive dogs. This situation, which is related to the instincts of dogs that they project to the outside, can be controlled by providing the right training.


Rottwiler and Pitbull similar breeds are known by many people as dangerous dogs. Some even say that aggression and violence are in the genes of these dogs. Well, is that true? In today’s article, we will address this much-discussed topic: Are dogs aggressive by nature, or do they become aggressive as a result of mistakes made during their breeding?


There are many who believe that aggression and aggression lie in the nature of dogs. Some research suggests that cannot always be explained so simply. There are several factors that affect the aggression of a dog.


Aggressive factors for dogs


Many dog ​​species, such as Pitbull and Rottweiler, have been used in dog fights for years . This gave them a certain reputation; When people want aggressive or overprotective dogs, they are taken from dogs of this breed. Today, many people still do not know that dogs of this breed need special training.


Below are a few reasons why dogs are aggressive.




It is always controversial whether these genera, called so-called dangerous, are aggressive by their very nature. It is true that dogs such as Pitbull and Rottweiler are more aggressive as a result of breeding only the most aggressive for generations.


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However, if these dogs socialize with other dogs from puppy and receive proper training under the supervision of a qualified dog trainer, their aggressive orientation will be considerably reduced. There is no reason why dogs that have been incited to violence in history should not turn into docile friends in the right way.


Poor upbringing


There is a certain period in which puppies replicate the behavior of their parents and play an important role in their development. If they leave their mother during or before this period, they may experience mental or behavioral problems.


As in humans, in dogs, childhood is a process in which they acquire life-long habits and perhaps the most important period of their lives.




Puppies If the mother of the dogs or other dogs in the vicinity have been used in dogfights and exhibit aggressive behavior, the pups will begin to follow these behaviors.


Puppies, like children, take the example of their elders. Bad behavior can continue for life if it is not prevented in time. However, it is possible to prevent aggression with proper training and timely intervention.


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Poor education


One of the reasons that major dog breeds tend to be violent is that their owners do not provide the particular training they need. As they grow up as witnesses of violence in their environment and feel secure only to the extent that they are aggressive, they must know who the herd leader is at home.


In other words, you must teach him to listen to your word. They need to understand and accept that you have control. If you receive this training, especially in the offspring, you will prevent many future problems. Even if you believe that you can train your dog yourself, it is certainly more useful to consult a professional dog trainer.




Abused dogs may be prone to violence. Abuse will have a lasting effect on dogs of all ages; There is no big difference whether you buy puppies or adult dogs. If you buy dogs from petshops, you should be particularly careful about abuse and violence.


Dogs sold in petshop are raised in dog farms and sent to stores. Even if these dogs only live on the road, they can cause severe damage to the dog’s psychology. Dogs from the farm are often placed in cages that are too small to move. They do not travel under hygienic conditions and sometimes nothing is given for food or drink along the kilometers of road.


More than half of these animals perish on the road. All of this can affect the character of the dog and develop aggressive behavior.


So, what is the answer to the question we ask at the beginning: are dogs aggressive in nature or aggressive because of breeding errors? There is no short answer to this question because there are many factors that need to be addressed. Do some dogs have aggression in their genes? Yeah. Does education or upbringing lead to aggression? Yeah. Even the dog’s own upbringing, rather than his own nature, has an impact on aggression. However, do not forget to take precautions under any circumstances. Every dog ​​owner is responsible for any damage that his dog may cause to other people or animals.









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