Why Do Dogs Like To Roll In The Mud?


If our dogs walk around in the park or on the street, if they see mud around, they don’t miss a chance to roll in. Why do dogs do that? Why do dogs like to roll in mud and dirt? We will explain this in our article and talk about what you can do to stop this behavior.


Reasons why dogs love mud


It is not possible for people to understand this love of dogs for mud and dirt, so we don’t like it at all. After this mischief, you get extra work because when you get home you will have to wash your dog . However, punishing your dog for this behavior is like trying to banish him from his instincts.


bahçede golden retriever


1- Hunting instinct


Dogs still carry some of their ancestral behavior. The closest relatives want to camouflage themselves before hunting like wolves are examples of this behavior. Dogs want to roll in the mud, even in smelly substances like dead animals, so that their prey cannot smell when approaching.


2- Determining the regions


When dogs hunt an animal (or find a dead animal in the vicinity), they roll on to leave their scents on their legs or back. On the one hand, this is the joy of finding the dead animal before other dogs . The dogs that will come after the first dog has left their scent will be able to tell which dog the hunt belongs to.


Since there are hundreds of scent glands in the body of dogs, leaving them to the environment is an easy task. They can also communicate with other members of the flock to show what they find around.


3- Preserving their specific odor


Even if you use animal-friendly products, you wash your dogs with scented soaps and shampoos, making your dog’s life difficult for him. Smells that may be dirty or bad to the human nose are like their identities in the dog world.


Dogs communicate with each other through smell. Although this may occasionally cause unpleasant odors, you should not forget this fact. Maybe your dog seems to like bubbly baths in your eyes, but if you ask your dog , they would rather roll in animal droppings and keep their own odor.


4- Enjoying the smell of the surrounding area


It’s hard for us to understand, but rolling over dirt, mud and dead animals is something that dogs really like. In addition to being better than people, the way dogs smell is quite different. Your dog may prefer the smell of manure rather than your favorite perfume.


5- To announce the latest news


Probably the closest cousins ​​get their behavior from wild wolves. According to one study, when a wolf in a flock finds something that attracts its attention, it first sniffs and then rolls on it and collects the smell of what it finds on itself. Then he turns to his flock and announces it to everyone. So he can decide what to do with the flock.


6- Specifying the superiority


The purpose of the dog or the wolf, which revolves on the scent, is also to establish superiority by showing everyone how interesting he has found. However, this eagerly awaited by the dog rather than the appreciation we found the smell unbearable for us scolding.


What can we do to prevent our dog from rolling in the dirt?


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First of all, you don’t have to scold or punish your dog . Completely instinctive behavior. However, you can stop encouraging this behavior without realizing it.


For example, you took your dog to the park and noticed that he was rolling in a mud puddle he found. Keep the dog out of the mud, saying no in a hard tone. You have to be patient here because your dog may not immediately understand what you say no.


If you live in a garden house and your dog prefers his own garden for rolling, cleaning the garden more often may be a solution. Be sure to clean your dog’s feces as quickly as possible and check for litter or dead animals on the ground.









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