Why Do Dogs Live?


If you are a dog owner for the first time and you notice that your dog’s eyes are tearing , you may not know why or what to do. Sometimes trivial things like this happen to your pet, but if you don’t know what’s going on, it’s normal to worry. Keep reading to find out why dogs can live their eyes.


Do dogs cry or live their eyes?


You probably noticed that your dog is no exception. All dogs have spots under their eyes , indicating that their eyes are almost always alive. The question is whether dogs can cry or if they only naturally have their eyes tears.

 Although animal lovers say that dogs and all other species have feelings, , this does not mean that they show their emotions by tearing. It is the only species that shed tears when people became sad.

If you think of what “crying bu is, it’s just the act of tears. Although it is true that dogs also shed tears , they do so without feeling anything . This means that dogs do not cry, only their eyes live.


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Why do dogs’ eyes live?


Here are a few reasons why dogs’ eyes are alive:

 Clogged tear ducts

Many dogs are born with clogged tear ducts, which makes them appear to be constantly tearing their eyes. Because the tear ducts fail to get rid of tears, fluid accumulates in the eyelids and suddenly overflows.


This is easy to solve with a small surgery , but many veterinarians do not recommend it, because it is likely to relapse.




The breed of a dog may be another factor that causes the eyes to tear, because this genetic factor determines the shape of tears and how much they accumulate. The eyes of large-eyed dogs live more than the eyes of small-eyed dogs . Large dogs need more water, which means their eyes secrete more liquid.



The eyes of other breeds with feathers on their face may also live too much, because their feathers irritate their eyes.


 Epidemic Conjunctivitis

Another reason for your dog’s tears is conjunctivitis. It’s easy to notice because your dog’s eyes will look different from normal. When your dog’s eyes live naturally, they will continue to be happy, healthy and looking great. However, e If has epidemic conjunctivitis , the eyes will redden, close and your dog will not be as energetic as before.


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Allergies are another reason that causes your dog’s eyes to tear. This may be related to what it eats or may be due to other factors. It is a bodily reaction that acts as a defense mechanism against what causes irritation in the body.


Just like epidemic conjunctivitis, your dog’s eyes may be red and swollen, but will also show sneezing and other symptoms . If your dog is experiencing this, you should take him to a vet so that the vet can understand what kind of allergy is bothering him.


What to do if dogs tears?


The first thing you should do is to clean your eyes with clean water. After you do this, make sure there is nothing left in her eyes that may cause her to live. You can also use cold chamomile tea or salt water solution, if available, to thoroughly cleanse the eye area and allow your dog to relax.


Always pay attention to any changes in your dog. The faster you intervene, the better. It is your responsibility to take care of your pet and provide him with a good quality of life.









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