Why Dogs Eat Grass?


If your house has a garden or you are taking your dog to the park, you must have seen your dog eating grass. In fact, grass is not a delicious food for dogs, but can be considered a natural remedy.


There are several other reasons why dogs eat grass . In this article, we will talk about these reasons and explain why this is actually a natural condition for dogs.


Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?


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Perhaps you’ve wondered why before this “strange” behavior. If dogs are carnivores, which they are, why do they eat grass like sheep and cows? The origin of dogs is based on wolves and they have this habit. Wolves like to eat green grass in the wild.


Although some people do not allow their dog to eat grass, is good for your dog as long as it is the right amount. If our four-legged friends vomit after eating grass, it doesn’t mean eating grass hurts them.


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Reasons for Dogs Eating Grass


Although it is not clear why dogs eat grass, some theories may help us. While this action is quite strange for us, there are actually explanations that make sense.


Want to know why dogs eat grass ? Then you can find out a few reasons.


1. To Purify Their Bodies


Dogs cannot go to a pharmacy and take a digestive aid or laxative. When the stomach is disturbed, the only thing that will eliminate it is grass .


After eating grass, dogs can vomit or defecate. In fact, this is a natural treatment for stomach and intestinal problems, so let your dog eat grass.


To Continue the 2nd Tradition


As we mentioned before, wolves also often eat grass. You may think that this is not normal and is a neurotic disorder, but keep in mind that your dog inherits this habit from his ancestors. In fact, dogs are not the only habit to inherit from their ancestors, because both wolves and dogs draw a circle around themselves before they go to sleep.


3. Suitable for the taste of the palate


Who said dogs just like meat? They may also ask you to taste the plants from time to time. Maybe it’s because your dog is fed up with what he eats all the time.


Dogs eat vegetables because they like to taste and then they feel good. Just like you feel after consuming vegetables and salads!


However, it should also be taken into consideration that dogs do not eat every lawn in front of them . They usually prefer rickety grass and smell for a few minutes until they find the right grass. The dogs are quite clever when it comes to exploring food.


4. To Suppress Their Appetites


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There is plenty of grass fiber in the grass , which is very useful for calming hunger. So, if your dog is hungry, he will look for something to suppress this feeling. It is very important for dogs to be full.


5. As a Supplementary Food


Another theory that can explain why dogs eat grass is to balance nutrition. If you give your dog too much carbohydrate, at some point your dog will need to meet the need for vitamins and minerals elsewhere.


In addition, feeding your dog with the same food permanently damages its intestinal flora, resulting in a weakened immune system. In other words, your dog becomes sick more often and its energy is reduced.


For these reasons, do not block your dog if you see him eating grass. Also, do not forget to make changes to your dog’s diet by considering which foods your dog might lack.









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