Why Dogs Run Away from Home and How to Prevent This?


Many people don’t know why dogs run away from the house. Although sexual is thought to act with impulses , the answer is not always so precise.


Sometimes dogs run away from home because they have close ties with other dogs . If there is anything wrong at home, they can leave their environment.


Some dogs feel that they are not welcome in the house or by the owner. Other dogs run away from home to discover new places.


Researchers suggest that some dog breeds, such as the Siberian wolf, have a more independent structure , suggesting that they tend to run away from home. Meanwhile, other dogs can run away from home to satisfy their predator urge.


How does neutering prevent dogs from running away from home?


Too many dogs, especially men, run away from the house due to sexual impulses . In these cases, breeding the dog is often helpful. This not only prevents him from escaping from the house, but also avoids his aggressive attitude.


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To sterilize a creature , , means to eliminate sexual impulses means to understand. So you also have to teach your dog not to run away from home. Nevertheless, many dogs calm down after the operation and their sexual urges are reduced.


This applies to vicious male dogs who had not previously had sexual relations with a female . They are recommended to be neutered when they are at their first age.


How to Prevent Dogs from Running Away from Home?


Now that we know why dogs are running away from home, we will share tips to prevent this from happening.


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Don’t Use Your Dog’s Name Negatively


When you get angry if you pronounce your dog’s name in a way that is insulting , your dog perceives his name in a negative way. Saying m no ği is the best way to show inappropriate behavior, although it doesn’t mean you don’t have to set limits on it.


Give your dog the name of the award while playing and giving food. Thus, it appears when he hears the name . If he matches his name to anger, he probably won’t respond.


Make the dog feel at home


The best thing you can do to keep your dog at home is to make you feel at home. To do this, create an environment that is loved, feels safe and important. This environment is more important than eating, toys and walks.


Make him exercise enough


Some dogs run away from the house to play, run and feel free . This is especially true for long-chain dogs. Therefore, keeping your dog in an active position on a regular basis is one of the most important steps to prevent it from escaping from home.


One of the most beautiful ways is to teach your dog how to play hide and seek during the first steps . Lay the pup on the ground and hide behind a tree and say its name until you find it. When the dog finds you, support it with words of love and reward foods.


This game will allow the dog to get to know his surroundings and enjoy the convenience of leash-free walking. At the same time, the need to find you will suppress your absence.


Watch out for your body language


Dogs are highly sensitive and easily detect changes in our body language and voice. In fact, it is a well-known fact that they are successful in sensing our emotions.


If your dog wants to escape, pay attention to both your voice and your body language . Kneel down and try to calm him down.


If it doesn’t work, Plan B is to run in the opposite direction that your dog is going, as if to play with it.


Never Use Violence to Train Dogs


It is true that some behaviors of dogs will infuriate you. Nevertheless, never never resort to violence to ensure discipline . Violence causes the dog to fear and feel in an unsafe environment.









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