Why Play With Your Dog?


Since winter is on the road, you will not be able to take your dog out as before. That’s why you don’t have to get your dog out of exercises or games. You can reverse the situation by playing with your dog!


However, you will need to make an extra effort to keep these things going as your dog’s routine. To do this, we will give you a few ideas to play with your dog at home .


Why play with your dog?


Both exercises and games are an important detail in a life that makes a dog happy and healthy. Because it has many benefits physically, emotionally and mentally , you need to incorporate them into your dog’s life on a daily basis.
Here are some of these:



  • Protects against stress: If your dog spends time alone at home while you are at work, he may feel bored and alone. You can get rid of these stresses with exercise and games.

  • Strengthens the joints: One of the most damaged parts of the body as dogs age, just as in humans are joints. When you exercise and play throughout your life, your dog’s joints and muscles will strengthen.

  • Improves his intelligence: Games push your dog to use his intelligence, especially if these games are intelligence games.

  • Improves agility and flexibility.

  • Improves the bond between you: The more you play with your dog, the stronger the bond between you.


These are some of the benefits of playing with your dog; this list goes on and on. However, in this article we will focus on the games you can play with your dog. Here are the game ideas:


köpeğiniz ile oyun oynamak

 Games you can play at home with your dog

Is it a rainy day ? Maybe it’s too cold or windy? We’ve created some game ideas that won’t make you feel bad.


Food preservation


This game will both entertain your dog for a long time and improve your intelligence. The game consists of keeping your dog’s favorite prize or any favorite food in the corners of the house with small pieces.


If you want to make the game even more exciting, you can put the food in Kong toys and store it in a corner of the house. Your dog will smell it in a short period of time and start looking for food like crazy.


If he can’t smell it, you can show him the food, make him sniff it, and then take him to your hiding place. Let the search work begin!


The attack


This game will be enjoyable for both parties. The game begins when you follow your dog like a prey. Walk slowly into your dog’s eyes, staring at him. Then, when he does not expect it, catch him by jumping on him. This game will improve both your reflexes and attention.


köpeği ile oyun oynayan kadın

 The game of pulling the rope

Dogs love to tug in with their mouths. So take a rope, show it to your dog, move it closer and slowly move it away. He will jump on the rope and hang. You can hide the rope behind you and walk around the house on foot or running. In this way, your dog will chase you. You will love this game!


The idea of ​​playing with your dog: midwifery


You may remember this game from your childhood. All you have to do is chase your dog and let him chase after you touch him. Will your dog understand how the game is played? Try and see; quite easy.


Now, you understand that bad weather does not interfere with games you can play with your dog . With these games you can play at home, your dog can meet daily exercise needs.









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