Why You Shouldn't Give Your Dog Popcorn


We lie down on the couch to watch a movie with a large bowl of popcorn. Who could be a better friend than your dog for a movie night? He will curl up without bothering you at all, not tell you the end of the film, and if you get scared, he won’t tell you anything. However, never share your food with him during this activity. In this article we will tell you why.


Watching movies with your dog: the best plan


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On cold, rainy or holidays, we can enjoy our free time with someone who is always with us: our dog. When we want to watch a movie on Saturday night, we have nothing better to do than sit on the couch and wait for our dog to come and accompany us.


This is undoubtedly the best thing to do for the winter months and even when we have no money to organize a party. You can take advantage of your dog’s body heat to keep your feet warm, and you can hug him if the murder scene scares you and even cries uncontrollably at the end of a romantic film.


When we think of watching a movie, we automatically imagine a crispy, warm, big popcorn. The question that comes to mind at that moment: can we share our popcorn with our dog? When dogs look at us with their “innocent puppy look, ız we cannot resist the urge to share what we eat.


As long as you keep your eyes on the screen and not look at him for a moment, it will be hard not to be a “bad guy, and give him a particle of popcorn. Is it safe for your dog to eat them? You’il know soon.


Considerations about popcorn


As a first step, we must bear in mind that we should not give our dog the same things that people eat. This should always be the case, even if the food we eat is suitable for pets. When it comes to popcorn, it is not very nutritious (neither for us nor for them). However, it can serve a purpose in dog training. So, when our dog does something right, or when he learns a new “command”, we can give him popcorn as a reward.


It should be noted that popcorn with butter, salt or added sugar can be harmful to your dog’s stomach health. If you want to give one or two pieces as reward for your good behavior, it should be natural and homemade. Excessive consumption can lead to poisoning, vomiting or diarrhea.


Another issue to consider is the possibility of choking, especially in small dogs. Large parts can be caught in the throat, because the animal will probably swallow them without chewing. In addition, crumbs may stick to your teeth or trachea.


What happens if I give my dog ​​a handful of popcorn?


We already know that excessive amounts are not good. Dog owners should teach their dogs not to beg for food when eating lunch or dinner. But , as their owners, we must be wise to “fulfill hayvan the whims of our animal.


It is true that dogs are very persuasive and can get some food from even the hardest ones. If we don’t give them something from our plate, we’il feel bad. We’re sorry. “A little bit of giving nothing. Iz We say.


In the case of popcorn, veterinarians say it varies depending on the amount and frequency of administration. Therefore, if we occasionally hand over a handful of popcorn one by one, there will be no problem for the dog.


Popcorn must be made naturally in order to be suitable for our pet’s consumption: without butter, sugar and salt. First give him a piece of popcorn and then wait a few minutes to give him another. You must be in custody and not allow to eat the entire package.


In general, this rich food that accompanies us while watching a movie is unquestionably a threat to our other friend (our dog). Since it contains carbohydrates, it is not recommended to consume even high amounts for us. (especially if we do not want to gain weight)


Try to make popcorn yourself. Make sure that it does not contain any condiments or additives that may cause digestion problems for the dog. If you follow all these rules, you have “permission vermek to give your dog popcorn.


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