Why You Shouldn't Treat Dogs as Baby


We all love our pets very much, and sometimes when we show it, we can go to extremes. If you are one of the pet owners who treat dogs as a baby , be sure to read this article!


Our dog is not a baby


It is true that our furry friends are part of our family and that we love them very much. But it is not good for them to think that dogs are human beings like us.


Of course, that doesn’t mean that we have to stop loving our animals and give them what they need. This means that we should only avoid treating dogs as babies or treating them as if they were human .


Perhaps when we say to our dog “ He’s our baby ” we may think we’ve been nice to him. Maybe we’re celebrating our dog’s birthday or taking him to a “pet-friendly restoran restaurant for dinner.


However, unfortunately most people with such habits are actually trying to fill a void in their lives. For example; maybe they don’t have their own children.


A dog does not need a birthday party, a raincoat or social media profiles. Such behavior is not for the good of the dog. Obviously, these behaviors are really extreme! The needs of your pets are much simpler:



  • Food ,

  • Housing,

  • Love and above all,

  • Rules.


köpeklere bebek gibi davranmak


One of the biggest problems with treating dogs as babies and treating them as if they were your children is that “owner parents koy do not limit their animals (or in this case their children).


These people do not punish them when their dogs exhibit false behaviors or teach their dogs how to behave correctly. In addition, psychologists say that people are agitated for showing so much love to their pets.


stated that this situation was not good for both man and animal . There is no doubt; animals have a very important place in our lives.


However, we also need to try to figure out why we want to constantly tell an animal that we love it, and why we want to do it with surprises and gifts that an animal will never understand.


Why Can’t You Treat Baby Dogs?


First of all, stopping treating your dog as if it were your baby doesn’t mean you’ll love him any less. The point you should be aware of is that; this behavior of your dog is doing more harm than doing good. You should not treat a dog as a baby; because:


A dog needs discipline


When an animal does something wrong, the expression aval poor me oluş on the face of the animal is an almost perfect technique they apply to us not to punish them.


If a dog has an education and some clearly stated rules, these animals will not try to jump into the chair or beg you, for example, to give him the food on the table.


Moreover, this training also prevents your dog from “turning ana into a four-legged person. Such limits and rules are factors that would not happen to have a happy and healthy pet.


Dogs need to smell everything


As you know, there are times when people use our sense of smell to identify things. But sniffing is a basic need for dogs.


To ensure that your dog meets this basic need, you must take him to the park , let him interact with other animals, let him smell the cans in the trash and don’t spray him with perfume as if he were a person.


You must follow your instincts


Although we insist on believing that our dog is a baby and “the only shortcoming is talking konuşmak, the truth is; if we dress our dog in a dress and shoes, a dog will always follow his natural instincts: Hunting, mating, protection, and so on.


This is exactly why we should allow our pet to be a dog by accepting all the features it possesses and to stop treating dogs as soon as possible.


köpeğe insan muamelesi yapmak


You will make them manipulative!


Our dear furry friends have the “capacity görünme to get a reward, to sleep in our bed or even to give them food (even if we have fed them before) as if they have a problem, are unhappy or need something.


It is important that we do not lose ourselves against every sudden request of our dog and that we do not feel guilty every time we see those little “please yüz facial expressions.


Your pets cannot fill a gap in your life


Many people see their pets as their own children; because they do not have children of their own or now have children who have reached adulthood and moved with them . For people who live alone, adopting a dog is a great idea.


But our communication with a dog cannot replace our communication with other people. Some couples without children call their dogs as “babies ve and treat them as babies. However, knowing that a pet cannot replace a human’s social life is of great importance for our emotional health.








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