Why your dog follows you everywhere


To the kitchen. To bedroom. Of course, on the porch. Even the laundry. And if you’re not careful. Many dogs follow the owner everywhere . Under no circumstances do they leave. But this behavior, which is pleasing to some people, can be tiring for some. Whatever your opinion, this question certainly goes on in your mind: neden Why does my dog ​​follow me everywhere? 19


Personal marking of the dog


Perhaps the most scientific explanation of why our four-legged friends follow owners all over the house is that their ancestor , the wolf , may be a lanmış present-day versiyon version of following the herd’s leader. In this case, the owners.


However, today’s dogs are not animals following the alpha male, and they do not obey the hierarchy without hesitation to ensure their survival.


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In fact dogs prefer to follow the person with the best heart. Certainly someone who makes them comfortable, makes them feel safe and loved and provides them with everything they need. And moreover, they know very well how to distinguish between those who only care for their own interests and those who stand for life for others.


The question im Why does my dog ​​follow me everywhere sürekli? We will tell you some facts so that you can live without problems considering all the love blessings your furry friend has to give you.


Reasons why your dog follows you around the house


More emotional but from a perspective not far from the truth, the answer to this million-dollar question – – Why does my dog ​​follow me everywhere? ”- simply: because he loves you.


Your dog loves you so much that he wants to be with you every moment to hear your pleasant smell and your loving voice. He comes after you everywhere because you:



  • Hold him on your lap and stroking him,

  • I want you to say sweet words to him,

  • He wants you to play games with him.


For the same reason, he expects you to come home. So when he meets you at the door, he jumps on you with great happiness and shakes his tail. As you may know, there are many ways dogs can show their love for you, although some are very extreme.


The reason your dog follows you; Food


However, we must be honest and to say that your dog follows you for a very concrete and materialistic reason: to buy food.


He looks at every bite you bring to your mouth and the crumbs that may fall. And it is always guaranteed that you will not miss the opportunity to ask for some more food .


Therefore, when you eat a sandwich, it is important that you do not surrender to your dog who is looking at you with pleading eyes. You have to be very careful about this, because it is very likely that you will be faced with the problem of obesity. Keep in mind that your veterinarian can advise you best in terms of quality and quantity needed to feed your four-legged friend.


Some suggestions for the answer to the question “Why does my dog ​​follow me everywhere? Daki


So you won’t repeatedly ask yourself why your pet is always after you , the way to do this is to set clear rules during socialization and education. Your dog must establish ties with other animals and humans without disturbing them. And he should also learn to respond to some basic commands , such as “sit down” or ol be quiet-through positive repetition.


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However, in some extreme cases, it may be necessary to consult an animal behavior specialist to bring things to a more normal level.


We must remember that dogs are very social beings who are constantly looking for the friendship of their owners. Therefore, stress, separation anxiety and other behavioral problems may occur if the time spent alone is too much.


Therefore , those who do not like to live in bottom should perhaps prefer another pet . Nevertheless, it is better to surrender to this behavior, albeit at times excessive, which is proof of the love of dogs for us.


Photographs by Andrea Aguirre.









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